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  • Tossing, receiving and spike skills are used in this ball sport in which two teams are separated by a net. Each team attempts to ground the ball in the other team’s court while preventing the ball from being grounded in their own court.

    Total days of play :10 days


Two events (men, women)


Two teams play on opposite sides of the net and use their hands and feet to make momentary contact
with the ball to send it over the net and ground the ball on the opponent’s court or to prevent the ball
from entering one’s own court.

Each team consists of up to 12 players, one of which may be designated as the ‘libero’, the team’s specialized defense player.

Each match is won by the team that wins three sets. In the first four sets,

the team that is first to score 25 points wins, where points are scored for each rally in accordance
with the rally point scoring system.

The final fifth set is played to 15 points.

Each set is won with a minimum lead of 2 points.


William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director in Holyoke, Massachusetts in the USA, invented volleyball in 1895. The original name of the game was ‘Mintonette’, but after Alfred Halstead of Springfield, Massachusetts noticed that the ball was being volleyed over the net, the game became known as ‘volleyball’. In 1947, representatives of 14 countries including France, the Soviet Union, Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia met in Paris to establish the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Volleyball was introduced in Korea in 1916 by YMCA leader Byron Barnhart.