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  • Taekwondo is a martial art that originates from Korea. It is a global combat sport and the face of Korea in the world. Taekwondo can be practiced anywhere, anytime because it only uses the body without any additional devices. Taekwondo emphasizes mental and ethical discipline in addition to physical training. With numerous international tournaments and competitions, there is no doubt that taekwondo is an international sporting event.

    Total days of play :6 days


Gyeorugi 16(8 events each for men and women)

Men : -54kg, -58kg, -63kg, -68kg, -74kg, -80kg, -87kg, +87kg

women : -46kg, -49kg, -53kg, -57kg, -62kg, -67kg, -73kg, +73kg

Poomsae : 5 events

Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Men’s Team (3 competitors), Women’s Team (3 competitors), Mixed Team (One man and one woman)


< Gyeorugi >

While wearing hogu (body guard that functions as a scoring target), competitors either kick or punch the opponent in a knock-out system.

The game lasts for three rounds of two minutes each, with one minute rest between rounds. In case of a tie, one minute rest will be followed by a 4th round of two minutes conducted as sudden death (the competitor who scores first wins).

– Valid scores are as follows: for attacks to the body, one point for punches or straight kicks and two points for spin kicks; for attacks to the head, 3 points for direct kicks and four points for spin kicks. On additional point is rewarded in the event that the contestant is knocked down and the referee counts.

< Poomsae >

Competitors performs two pre-determined poomsae (koryo, keumgang, taeback, bigak, hanryu) within a set time (within 1~2 minutes), and are rated from 1 to 10.

※ Events from Universiade Belgrade 2009.

▷ Men’s individual & team :

Qualification round – Taegeuk Chil & Pal Jang

Preliminary round – Koryo & Keumgang

Final round – Taebaek & Pyongwon

▷ Women’s individual & team :

Qualification round – Taegeuk O & Yuk Jang

Preliminary round – Taegeuk Pal Jang & Koryo

Final round – Keumgang & Taebaek

▷ Mixed team (1 Man, 1 Woman) :

Qualification round – Taegeuk Pal Jang & Koryo

Preliminary round – Keumgang & Taebaek

Final round – Pyongwon & Sipjin

< Method of Scoring >

▷ Accuracy (3 pts) : accuracy of basic movements, details of each poomsae

▷ Skill (4 pts) : balance and range of movements, speed and power

▷ Expression (3 pts) : strength/speed/rhythm, expression of energy

< Qualification round, preliminary round, final round will be held with cut-off system. >

▷ Qualification round : Top 50% of competitors with the highest scores advance to the next round

▷ Preliminary round : Top 8 competitors advance to the final round

▷ Final round : Top 8 competitors ranked in order of scores


Although its modern form was recognized only in 1955, taekwondo originates from various forms of Korean martial arts that have been around for over 2,000 years. In Korean, tae means “to strike with foot”, known means “to strike with fist” and do means “way,” Thus, it can be translated as “the way of the hand and foot.”

Korea Taekwondo Association was established in 1961, and the first official national competition was held in 1963.