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Baseball is a bat and ball sport played between two teams of nine or ten players. The aim is to score runs by hitting a ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of a 27,432 meter (90 feet) diamond, the last of which is the home plate. The teams switch between batting and fielding when the field team records three outs.

Total days of play :10 days


League and tournament 1


Tournament consists of a round-robin preliminary round by all participating countries

Preliminary round, quarterfinals (5th and 7th place playoffs), semifinals (3rd place playoff), final

In preliminary round, home dugouts on the third base side

In quarterfinals, higher-ranking team from preliminary round is the home team with dugout on the third base side


Baseball originated from bat and ball games prevalent in 18th century England. Previous versions were called other names such as “four corners,” “feeder,” and “rounders.” British soldiers introduced the game in the U.S. during Revolutionary War and it was played widely in the east coast before it spread to the rest of the U.S. in mid-19th century. Baseball was first introduced in Korea in 1905 by Phillip L. Gillett, a missionary and general secretary of the Korean YMCA who introduced the sport to its members. Schools in Korea began to form baseball teams in 1911, and baseball grew rapidly with the establishment of the Korea Baseball Association in 1946.