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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I or my team be considered for nomination to represent the U.S. team?

A: First, check with your national federation or NGB to express your interest in participating in the World University Games. Top athletes and teams will be considered only by the recommendation of their national federation or NGB. If no athletes or teams are recommended by a federation or NGB, top collegiate conferences and teams will then be identified and contacted by BTI Events.

Q: When will teams and individual athletes be chosen to represent the U.S. in the Summer World University Games?

A: As early as May in the year preceding the games, national federations and NGBs will begin to be contacted regarding their interest in sending their top athletes and teams to the Summer World University Games. Once a federation or NGB has committed to sending a team, they will be responsible for identifying individual athletes and team members. If a federation or NGB declines to send a team to the Games, then a top collegiate conference or team will be identifed and invited to participate.

Q: After individual athletes and teams have been issued an invitation to represent the U.S. in WUG, whats next?

A: BTI Events, the managing partner for the US-IUSF, will contact you to begin the administration process for participation in WUG. Every participant will need to fill out an extensive questionnaire with all the information necessary to participate in the World University Games. Using the information submitted, BTI Events will manage the myriad forms to be submitted to FISU prior to WUG. BTI Events will become the primary liaison between your team and FISU, assisting you with all logistical issues involved in your WUG participation.