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What is BTI Events?

BTI Events is the new managing partner for the US-IUSF, the American arm of the International University Sports Federation. BTI Events facilitates and provides logistical support for all types of athletic teams traveling to domestic and international events, including U.S. athletes competing in the World University Games (beginning 2011) and World University Championships (beginning 2012). Under the direction of the US-IUSF, BTI Events will work with U.S. athletes to assist in managing Games and Championships administration, logistics, and information resources.

How did BTI Events become involved with the World University Games?

In the past, financial and logistical support for university athletes representing the U.S. in World University Games (WUG) and World University Championships (WUC) competitions came from the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). Due to fiscal constraints, the USOC was forced to eliminate financial and administrative support just prior to the Winter World University Games in Harbin, China in 2009. The US-IUSF Board stepped in to take over the administration, successfully sending a USA team to the 2009 Winter and Summer Games, despite significant financial losses.

After the 2009 Games, it became clear that the US-IUSFs unpaid volunteer staff needed assistance if they wanted to continue to send American athletes to WUG and WUC. In the Fall of 2009, BTI Events submitted a proposal to the US-IUSF that was unanimously approved by their Board, and the partnership was finalized in December of 2009.

How will BTI Events help the US-IUSF and American Athletes?

Because of their experience in athletic event management, BTI Events will be able to streamline administration and logistics for American athletes, teams and NGBs. Entry forms, visa applications, and all other aspects of logistical administration will be simplified. Because of BTI Events expanded staff capability, communication will also be improved. In addition, their goal is to send more teams and athletes to WUG and WUC by working closely with NGBs (National Governing Bodies), as well as collegiate conferences and teams, to identify qualified participants in sports that in the past have been under-represented by U.S. athletes in World University Games and Championships.