Team USA Track set for trip to South Korea for World University Games

Team USA Track set for trip to South Korea for World University Games

LOS ANGELES – The USA National Team for track & field is set to travel to Gwangju, South Korea for the World University Games (WUG). The opening ceremonies are slated for July 3 and the games will conclude on July 14. The action on the track is scheduled for July 8 – 12 and will be covered by the ESPN family of networks.

The team is comprised of 45 student-athletes and four coaches from around the country. UCLA will serve as the host school for the national team. UCLA associate head coach Jack Hoyt will lead the team in Gwangju and will be joined by UCLA distance coach Forest Braden, North Dakota State throws coach Justin St. Clair and Cal Poly sprints coach Danny Williams.

“I am excited to be leading Team USA into the World University Games,” Coach Hoyt said. “It speaks highly of our great tradition, that UCLA Track and Field was asked to field the core group of athletes for Team USA. In addition to the Bruin athletes, we have selected a very competitive group from around the country. I am very optimistic that we will be bringing home our share of the medals.”

2015 USA National Team

Name                                        School                                       Year                          Event

Ronnie Baker                       TCU                                             Junior                      Sprints

Idrees Bernard                   UCLA                                          Freshman             Jumps

Cody Crampton                UCLA                                          Sophomore         High Jump

Braheme Days                    UCLA                                          Freshman             Throws

Derek Eager                          UCLA                                          Senior                     Javelin

Dondre Echols                     South Carolina                    Junior                      Hurdles

Alec Faldermeyer             UCLA                                          Senior                     Throws

Nick Hartle                            UCLA                                          Junior                      Mid Distance

Keyunta Hayes                   UT-San Antonio                                     Senior                     Hurdles

Joe Herrera                           UCLA                                          Freshman             Sprints

Cole Lambourne                Utah State                             Junior                      Sprints

Aaron Mallett                      Iowa                                           Sophomore         Hurdles

Ty McCormack                     Auburn                                     Senior                     Distance

Matthew O’Neal                South Florida                       Junior                      Jumps

Austin O’Neil                        UCLA                                          Junior                      Mid Distance

Leon Powell                          UCLA                                          Freshman             Sprints

Bryce Robinson                    Tulsa                                          Junior                      Sprints

Mark Sakioka                       UCLA                                          Senior                     Pole Vault

Michael Wamer                   South Carolina                    Sophomore         Jumps

Steele Wasik                        UCLA                                          Freshman             Decathlon

Mike Woepse                      UCLA                                          Senior                     Pole Vault

Markesh Woodson          Missouri                                  Junior                      Sprints

Shaquille Walker              BYU                                             Sophomore         Mid Distance



Name                                         School                                       Year                          Event

Valerie Allman                    Stanford                                  Sophomore         Throws

Jade Barber                          Notre Dame                          Senior                     Hurdles

Ashlie Blake                          UCLA                                          Freshman             Throws

Zibby Boyer                           UCLA                                          Senior                     High Jump

Alexia Fortenberry           New Orleans                        Sophomore         Hurdles

Nataliyah Friar                   LSU                                              Sophomore         Jumps

Zaybree Haury                    UCLA                                          Sophomore         Javelin

Chari Hawkins                     Utah State                             Senior                     Heptathlon

Ana Holland                          Colorado                                 Sophomore         Sprints

Marisa Howard                    Boise State                            Senior                     Steeple

Madeline Kopp                  Duke                                          Sophomore         Sprints

Kim Mackay                          Princeton                               Senior                     Mid Distance

Shea Martinez                     BYU                                             Sophomore         Mid Distance

A’Keyla Mitchell                Kansas St.                              Freshman             Sprints

Angel Piccirillo                    Villanova                                Junior                      Distance

Kylie Price                              UCLA                                          Senior                     Long Jump

Stephanie Schappert     Villanova                                Senior                     Distance

Jessica Sharbono              Colorado St.                          Senior                     Throws

Tatum Souza                         UCLA                                          Senior                     Heptathlon

Sara Sutherland                 Colorado                                 Senior                     Distance

Alexis Walker                      UCLA                                          Senior                     High Jump

Alex Wasik                             Villanova                                Senior                     Pole Vault
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