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The program of the 2015 Winter Universiade in Granada includes Half-Pipe, Parallel Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross and Slopestyle parallel giant slalom competitions, for both men and women.

In the parallel giant slalom and snowboard cross events the winner will be established on the basis of the time, with events characterized by exciting «one on one» races, uncertain until the end.

In the half pipe and slope style events on the other hand, it will be the acrobatic moves of the athletes that make the difference, with jumps and «tricks» that will be carefully assessed by a jury and which will thus represent the key element in winning a medal.

The snowboarding competitions will take place on Sierra Nevada.

2015 USA Snowboarding Roster

Gender Name Year Hometown School Event
Men Broc Waring Senior Denver, CO Westminster College Half Pipe
Men Cody Cooper Sophomore Arvada, CO. University of Colorado Slopestyle/Parallel GS
Men Dylan Bidez Junior Minturn, CO. Westminster College Boarder Cross/Parallel GS
Men Jacob Black Senior Breckenridge, CO. Colorado Mountain College Slopestyle/Boarder Cross
Men Mallam Prior Senior Sun Valley, ID. Westminster College Half Pipe
Men Max Bigley Sophomore Golden, CO. Red Rocks Community Col. Half Pipe/Boarder Cross
Men Billy Wandling Senior Evergreen, CO. Westminster College Slopestyle/Parallel GS
Men Zack Black Junior Breckenridge, CO. Westminster College Half Pipe
Women Anna Yamada Sophomore Saunderstown, RI. University of Colorado Boarder Cross/Parallel GS
Women Courtney Cox Senior Chicago, IL. Colorado Mountain College Slopestyle/Boarder Cross
Women Faye Gulini Junior Salt Lake City, UT. Westminster College Half Pipe/Parallel GS
Women Theodora Kanner Junior Highland Park, IL. University of Colorado Slopestyle
Kristopher Schoech
Raul Pinto

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SULAYR SNOWPARK: Parque de Nieve Sulayr. Sierra Nevada, Granada