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2015 Granada Games Roster

Name Year Hometown School Position
Men’s Team
Blake Morton Senior Madison, WI University of Wisconsin  Vice
Calvin Weber  Senior Washington DC

University of Wisconsin

Evan Jensen Junior Blaine, MN University of Minnesota Twin Cities Lead
Kyle Kakela  Freshman Rolla, ND Turtle Mountain Community College  Second
Stephen Dropkin Senior Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis Community and Technical College Skip
Keith Dropkin
Women’s Team
Abigail Suslavich Junior Connecticut University of Wisconsin Madison
Emily Annand Sophomore Nashua, NH Butler University
Emily Walker Norwalk, CT Wheelock College
Grace Gabower Sophomore Wisconsin St. Norbert College
Hannah Ely Senior New York Rochester Institute of Technology
Team Leader
Gary Suslavich
Don Arsenault

In a curling match, two teams made up of four players launch granite stones (stones) weighing almost 20 kg across a sheet of ice, with the objective of arriving as close as possible to the target, called the house, represented by four concentric rings. Each team has a total of eight stones available, two for each player, during each end, or set. A whole game may last 8 or 10 ends. The points for each end are awarded when all the players have launched their stones, on the basis of how many stones belonging to the same team are closer to the centre of the house, exactly as takes place in bowls. The final objective is to obtain more points than the opposing team.

During the 2015 Winter Universiade in Granada, two curling tournaments will be organised: one for men and one for women.


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